15th February Work Party at Fullers Mill Garden

After deciding to take a chance with Storm Dennis, the weather was kind to us and we managed a full session at Fullers Mill on 15th February.
All our volunteers on duty, experienced and new, put in a good shift, helping each other out and keeping each other safe. Can’t ask for more than that.

Consolidating the previous work on the island with some bare and pre-planted rolls, pre-planted pallets and brash bundles, the central  island project is now taking shape.

We are now extending the brash revetment work upstream, the river is showing us where we need to be with that. Also, finding a silt bar gave us the opportunity of creating another island, this one a really small feature but no doubt it will become home to something.

Many thanks to all involved in this ongoing project, especially our volunteers.

1 thought on “15th February Work Party at Fullers Mill Garden”

  1. As a visitor to Fuller’s Mill, being part of the Mildenhall Group (RLCP), I would like to commend the work ethics of all the volunteers taking part in the River Flow Reconfiguration. Although each Workday can only achieve so much, the long-term benefits of the project for the River Lark are considerable and in the medium term Members of the Public can enjoy this improvement of the Gardens.
    The advantages of being part of the RLCP are obvious when Members come together in support of each other.


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