Anglian Water Company

Anglian Water

WHO we are

Anglian Water Services Ltd is the regulated entity that trades as Anglian Water, managing our water and water recycling network, serving over six million customers.It is the part of the business that most people think of as ‘Anglian Water’. Anglian Water Services Financing Plc is the financing company that raises money on behalf of Anglian Water Services Limited. We need a Plc company to raise debt in the UK public bond market. Funds raised by this company underpin our investment in the region’s water and water recycling services.

WHAT we do

We supply water and water recycling services to more than six million domestic and business customers in the east of England and Hartlepool.

Our population has grown by 20% in the last 20 years, but we still provide the same amount of water today as we did in 1990 – almost 1.2 billion litres every single day. How? By minimizing leaks and encouraging more waterwise customers.

Our huge region  stretches from the Humber north of Grimsby, to the Thames estuary and then from Buckinghamshire to Lowestoft on the east coast. Our 112,833 km of water and sewer pipes could take us a quarter of the way to the moon! They  supply and transport water across an area of  27,500 square km.

We’re the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales by geographic area.

WHY We Care- Our objectives

We’ve set ourselves 10 goals backed up by over 100 commitments and measures to help us get it right.

We launched Love Every Drop in 2010 and we’re proud of our achievements so far. For the first time, in 2013, our Annual Report included our financial, social and environmental performance during the year – all together in one integrated report. For us value creation extends far beyond the financial performance of the business. It includes our strategy for creating value over the long term, and how we manage the business in a sustainable way.

How we help the environment

Anglian Water is committed to playing its part in protecting and enhancing wildlife across the East of England. Our customers support protecting the environment for its own sake and for the benefits it brings to the economy. It is also a legal requirement to care for certain species and habitats.

We protect wildlife in a number of ways:

  • We own 47 sites that are protected by law because they’re so valuable for wildlife. Examples include Tetney Blow Wells in Lincolnshire, Rutland Water in Rutland and Newbourne Springs in Suffolk. The area of protected land we own is equivalent to 146,000 tennis courts and we must manage it to maintain and enhance its value.
  • We carefully assess the impacts of our construction projects to avoid and minimise harm to wildlife.
  • We survey our sites to find those with wildlife value and work with our staff to look after them.
  • We work in partnership with others such as the Wildlife Trusts, Keep Britain Tidy and the BTO to help wildlife throughout the region.
  • We fund specific conservation projects on individual species such as osprey, nightingale and pool frog.

RiverCare and BeachCare

RiverCare logo

The RiverCare project, funded by Anglian Water and delivered on the ground by Keep Britain Tidy, was established in 2001. It brings together ‘Friends of’ groups, canoe clubs, residents associations and neighbourhoods with a common goal of improving their local river environment.

Water for Wildlife

An otter on the river bank.

This long-running project, part funded by Anglian Water, has played a big role in helping otters return to every English county, saving water vole from extinction and improving river habitat for a wide variety of wildlife and for people to enjoy.

Our Water for Wildlife funding helps wildlife but also helps to maintain water quality, reducing the amount of treatment we need to do where we take it for the public water supply. For example fencing grazing animals away from the edge of the river prevents soil disturbance and stops manure from getting to the water. In this way Water for Wildlife contributes to our catchment management work.

We currently support projects in Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. These projects involve a wide variety of organisations including Wildlife Trusts, local authorities, Environment Agency and Natural England.

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