About the RLCP

The River Lark Partnership

What is The River Lark Partnership?

The River Lark Partnership is a group of organisations and individuals that have come together to enable a cohesive approach to the environmental challenges facing the River Lark.

From waterways management to wildlife protection our rivers and waterways need support if they are to thrive. Rather than continue to work as separate groups- The River Lark Catchment Partnership aims to pool resources, expertise and knowledge to help sustain a vibrant, healthy waterway, so crucial to this part of East Anglia. The partnership consists of various government, charitable, voluntary, local organisations and individuals each bringing their unique experience and talents to the partnership.

The purpose of this website is to encourage support for the various projects underway and provide a cohesive picture of progress in this important environmental concern. We aim to bring together under one umbrella information from a variety of sources and encourage local people to support and participate in preserving the River Lark and its surrounding eco system.

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