Fullers Mill Garden Work Party 14th March 2020

Our last organised work party for this spring at Fullers Mill Garden took place on Saturday 14th March. Unfortunately we just couldn’t complete everything we wanted to before the garden re-opens shortly. We will return later in the year! It is hoped that by narrowing the river and speeding up the flow in this section will discourage the burr reed from completely choking the channel. Also the addition of the new features has greatly added to the habitat diversity. So for now it just remains to say a massive thank you to all our volunteers … Read more

Fullers Mill BFER Work Party

Back to Fullers Mill on Saturday 1st March to continue our Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers Landscape Partnership project. Our super workforce managed to complete the planting of the main island interior with pre-established coir pallets and also used pallets on some exposed mud bank. Advanced the work on the marginal revetments and started to create the brash shelving. All of these features will add much needed in-stream habitat diversity to this reach of the Lark. Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers for all your hard work  

15th February Work Party at Fullers Mill Garden

After deciding to take a chance with Storm Dennis, the weather was kind to us and we managed a full session at Fullers Mill on 15th February. All our volunteers on duty, experienced and new, put in a good shift, helping each other out and keeping each other safe. Can’t ask for more than that. Consolidating the previous work on the island with some bare and pre-planted rolls, pre-planted pallets and brash bundles, the central  island project is now taking shape. We are now extending the brash revetment work upstream, the river is showing us … Read more

River Lark Catchment Partnership has received a Water Resources Communication and Engagement Fund grant

River Lark Catchment Partnership has received a Water Resources Communication and Engagement Fund grant to lead engagement events and a study for the design of a river abstraction reform pilot project. The aim of the project will be to improve catchment abstraction management. You can read more about this important development here RLCP Water Resources Communication and Engagement Project Description

BFER Project at Fullers Mill Garden, West Stow

Hi everyone, on Saturday 1st February, we kicked off our rather ambitious BFER project at Fullers Mill Garden, West Stow, well worth a visit when they reopen after the winter break. The Lark here has been historically impounded not only by a weir but also the addition of weir boards. On a super low gradient river like the Lark this really puts the brakes on any natural processes as the river cannot even erode anything around the man made steel and concrete impoundment to try and work around the problem. The river can get virtually trapped. … Read more

Flempton Bridge Brash and Tree Clearing-January 18th 2020

In 2019 the RLCP was part of the Brecks Fen Edge & Rivers Landscape Partnership (BFER) awarded money by the Heritage Lottery Fund to deliver river restoration work, path and access improvements along the River Lark. On Saturday the 18th January the first work party took place downstream of Flempton Bridge, hosted by the Fornhams Group of the RLCP. Volunteers from throughout the catchment cleared brush, trimmed and felled trees along the bank and in the river. The materials collected and processed will be used to make brash bundles at later work parties. These will … Read more

The ‘Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers’ Landscape Partnership Scheme wins £2m National Lottery grant

Communities, schools and the landscape of the Brecks will benefit from another series of exciting landscape and heritage conservation projects thanks to a £2m grant from The National Lottery Heritage Fund. The River Lark Catchment Partnership will play a significant role by partnering with the Environment Agency on delivering river restoration work and with Suffolk County Council’s Rights of Way team to deliver river path and access improvements. Trustee Jim Stephens states “For the River Lark Catchment Partnership the five year Brecks Fen Edge and Rivers Landscape Scheme is a huge boost to our ambition to … Read more

Restoration Training Day

On Saturday the 23rd November a training day was held at Fornham All Saints Village Hall for fifteen volunteers from up and down the Lark. In the morning presentations by Rob Macgovern from the Wild Trout Trust, Glenn Smithson and Andrew Hinchley from RLCP instructed on river restoration techniques. We had a fabulous lunch at the Three Kings followed by an In River Training Session. The group learnt how to build a revetment upstream of Duck Sluice to prevent the path subsiding, along with the correct way to add deflectors in the river to improve … Read more