CamEO Partnership


 WHO we are

The CamEO Partnership

The Cam and Ely Ouse Catchment Partnership (CamEO) is a collective group of like-minded individuals and organisations, working together to improve the rivers and surrounding land of the Wissey, Little Ouse, Thet, Lark and Cam, which ultimately forms the Ely Ouse catchment.

As a partnership, we have wide-scoping aims for delivering projects that benefit multiple users across the whole river catchment. The CamEO hosts provide support to sub-catchment partnerships that enable local groups to turn ambition into action. Our ambitions can be categorised into programmes of work that are shared between our partners.

The CamEO partnership is co-hosted by The Rivers Trust and Anglian Water. The hosting role includes
a number of formal reporting and delivery responsibilities required to secure hosting funding received from the Environment Agency under Defra’s Catchment Based approach.

However, the primary role as hosts is a facilitative one to enable the development of inclusive cross-sector
partnerships operating at local scales to deliver the vision laid out below.


WHAT we do

Catchment-Based Approach

The Catchment-Based Approach (CaBA) is a UK government initiative, driven by the Rivers Trust throughout England and Wales.

CaBA is a framework that creates partnerships; a place where individuals with varying interests to come together to discuss localised river management. It is a clear response to the challenge of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and marks a step-change in thinking. Decision making has moved from being very centralised (within mainly government bodies) to being extremely inclusive and community-driven. This is a fantastic approach that will allow partners to work collaboratively to deliver multiple environmental benefits for great value by combining resources and expertise.


WHY We Care- Our objectives

“The vision of the CamEO partnership is to improve the quality and resilience of the water environment in the Cam
and Ely Ouse catchment and, in doing so, protect and enhance the benefits it provides to communities and
businesses. We’ll achieve this by fostering a shared understanding of the water environment that engages and
empowers communities and stakeholders to deliver positive action in an integrated way.

Central to the partnership
is the development and support of an inclusive approach that operates at both the catchment and sub-catchment
scales. By working collaboratively in this way we aim to align the interests and resources of public, private and third sector organisations to maximise the delivery of sustainable outcomes for the catchment.”


Some of the areas covered by partnerships

  • Community Action
    Encourage community management of river catchments by enabling decision making at a local level.
  • Farming and Land Use
    Land use sectors contribute to, and benefit from, healthy ecosystems.
  • Health of the River System
    Create, maintain and restore well-functioning, biodiverse and resilient ecosystems.
  • Invasive Species
    Mitigate the impact of invasive non-native species (INNS).
  • Securing Resources
    Improve strategic cooperation at the catchment scale in order to secure resources and enable delivery.
  • Water Resources
    Ensure enough water of sufficient quality to support consumption, irrigation and healthy ecosystems. Promote impartial water resource planning to safeguard environmental needs.

Get Involved

There are loads of opportunities to join us at our events – even if you’re just interested in what we have planned, come along, speak with us and find out more.

If you want to know more about CamEO or share our vision then we want to hear from you. Here’s how you can get in touch:

  • Follow us on Twitter (@cameoCP) – this is our most active social media platform